Tri Satya Pramuka: The Essence of Scouting in Indonesia

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Welcome, dear readers! Today, we embark on a journey to discover the fundamental principles of scouting in Indonesia through the concept of “Tri Satya Pramuka.” Let’s delve into the essence of this guiding philosophy and explore how it shapes the character and values of Indonesian scouts.

Understanding Tri Satya Pramuka

Tri Satya Pramuka, which translates to “the Scout’s Oath,” is the cornerstone of Scouting in Indonesia. It encompasses three essential principles that every Indonesian scout takes to heart. These principles serve as a guide for their actions and decisions both in scouting and in life.

Satu: Cinta Kasih

The first principle, Cinta Kasih, emphasizes the importance of love and compassion. Indonesian scouts are encouraged to show love and kindness to others, to care for their fellow scouts, their community, and the environment. This principle teaches scouts to be empathetic and to always lend a helping hand to those in need.

Dua: Dasa Darma

The second principle, Dasa Darma, revolves around ten guiding principles that shape the character of Indonesian scouts. These principles include:

  • 1. Beragama: Upholding religious values
  • 2. Kemanusiaan: Valuing humanity
  • 3. Bhineka Tunggal Ika: Embracing diversity
  • 4. Gotong Royong: Promoting teamwork and solidarity
  • 5. Kerja Keras: Fostering a strong work ethic
  • 6. Disiplin: Cultivating discipline
  • 7. Mandiri: Developing self-reliance
  • 8. Tanggung Jawab: Taking responsibility
  • 9. Suka Rela: Offering service willingly
  • 10. Pramuka Indonesiana: Fostering love for Indonesia

Tiga: Dasa Dharma Pramuka

The third and final principle, Dasa Dharma Pramuka, outlines the ten laws that govern the behavior of Indonesian scouts:

  1. Mencintai Tuhan Yang Maha Esa: Love and respect for the Almighty
  2. Cinta Kasih: Love and compassion for others
  3. Patriot yang sopan dan kesatria: Being patriotic and courteous
  4. Pandai dan cerdas: Being skillful and intelligent
  5. Taat kepada pimpinan: Obedience to authority
  6. Disiplin dan berani: Discipline and bravery
  7. Berjiwa kewirausahaan: Entrepreneurial spirit
  8. Rajin, terampil, dan gembira: Diligence, competency, and joyfulness
  9. Hemat, cermat, dan bersahaja: Prudence, carefulness, and simplicity
  10. Bertanggung jawab dan dapat dipercaya: Being responsible and trustworthy
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The Impact of Tri Satya Pramuka

The philosophy of Tri Satya Pramuka plays a vital role in shaping the character and values of Indonesian scouts. By embracing love, compassion, and the ten guiding principles and laws, scouts develop into responsible, empathetic, and patriotic individuals.

Under the guidance of Tri Satya Pramuka, scouts learn the importance of teamwork and solidarity through activities such as camping, hiking, and community service. They cultivate essential life skills, enhance their ability to adapt, and become active contributors to society.

Furthermore, the philosophy acts as a moral compass, guiding scouts to make ethical decisions in their daily lives. It promotes religious tolerance, appreciation for diversity, and a deep love for their nation, Indonesia.


Taking a deeper look into Tri Satya Pramuka allows us to appreciate the comprehensive principles that guide the scouting movement in Indonesia. With an informal tone and engaging content, we have explored the essence of Cinta Kasih, Dasa Darma, and Dasa Dharma Pramuka.

We have seen how these principles instill compassion, moral values, and a strong sense of patriotism. Through the philosophy of Tri Satya Pramuka, Indonesian scouts develop into well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

As we conclude this journey, let us now embrace the beautiful spirit of Tri Satya Pramuka and continue to cultivate love, compassion, and a sense of responsibility towards our fellow beings and our beloved nation.

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